Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015

Goodmans 11FVRSD32X Freeview+ Digital Recorder (320GB)

The Goodmans 11FVRSD32X Freeview+ Digital Receiver / Recorder comes supplied with a 320GB hard drive. This allows you to record and store everything from a screenshot, your favourite half hour soap opera, a family movie or a every episode of the latest US drama. Up to 150hours recording time in total.

This digital receiver features a twin tuner which gives you the flexibility to record 2 channels at the same time, or record one channel whilst watching another recording. The hard drive is constantly working even when you are not recording as it buffers two hours of TV / Radio. This means that you can pause a live broadcast at any time and continue when you are ready.

A full Electronic programme guide gives you access to information and timing of the next 8 days worth of programming allowing you to plan you weeks viewing and recording. The first time installation and auto-tune features mean that you can have this receiver set-up and working in no time at all

Box Contains

  • Goodmans DTR Set Top Box
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • Remote Control (2 x AAA Batteries included)
  • Installation & Operating Instructions

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Goodmans 11FVRSD32X Freeview+ Digital Recorder (320GB) Features

  • First Time Installation makes set-up easy and simple. You'll be watching Freeview channels or listening to digital radio in no time at all
  • Play, Pause & Rewind Live TV with built in 320GB Hard Drive
  • Allows 150 hours of recording time. Record 2 channels at a time, or record 1 whilst watching another recording back. Series recording also available
  • Full Electronic Programme Guide capable of retrieving information on programmes for the next 8 days
  • Connects to you TV via a scart lead (not supplied)


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