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Onkyo CR-N755 Network Mini Hi-Fi System

You can connect the Onkyo CRN755 to your home hub by Ethernet or optional wi-fi, using a UWF-1 USB dongle. Once connected, it opens up a massive range of music options. Tune in to Internet radio stations or music services such as the ever popular Spotify, vTuner and Network connectivity also means the ability to stream music from other sources within the loop such as a laptop, PC or NAS drive. Another option is the availability of a USB Bluetooth adaptor. This lets you wirelessly stream music from a huge range of devices, including Bluetooth compatible smartphones, tablets and laptops. In addition to the networking ability, the CRN755 comes with a wide range of connections. The newest and most impressive of these is a digital input. Designed to allow TVs, Smart TV boxes or other devices with an optical or coaxial digital output to run through the Onkyo, this feature adds greatly to the flexibility of the CRN755. As with previous Onkyo mini systems, the CRN755 also comes with a subwoofer output. Connect up your choice of active subwoofer and enjoy a powerful bass response, even when using compact speakers. The front panel houses a USB host that accepts iPod/iPhones or other flash memory devices. Finally, the CRN755 hasn't forgotten about older sources you may want to plug in. With three analogue inputs and a recording output, the CRN755 is a match for many full size hi-fi separates. Finally, the CRN755 boasts a FM tuner and CD player. With 40 presets it's easy to keep track of your favourite stations. The CD player benefits from a high quality 192kHz/24-bit Wolfson DAC, sounding natural yet detailed. Using Onkyo's proven Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) gives the CRN755 a far punchier sound than you might expect. Added to this is Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry and VLSC noise-cancelling technology. Combined with symmetrical circuit layout and a high quality DAC, the CRN755 has class-leading sound quality.

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Onkyo CR-N755 Network Mini Hi-Fi System Features

  • Active Subwoofer Output
  • DLNA Compliant
  • Internet Radio & Services
  • CD Player


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