Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015

Pace TDS470N Sky+ 80GB Digibox

DVR Features

Twin Tuners - The Sky+2 twin digital tuners allow the user to:
Watch one digital channel whilst recording another
Watch live or recorded programmes on second TV in the home
Instant Replay of live TV
Pause live TV - Pause a live programme
Archive favourite programmes to VCR
Record two digital channels simultaneously (Dual Record), while watching a third programme from disc
Series link facility
Bookmark feature
The Sky+2 Time Shift and Video Recorder functionality allows the user to:

Store a minimum of 20 hours programming (bitrate dependant) with no loss in picture quality
Use VCR style facilities (FF/RWD/STOP/Pause)
Smoothly accelerate from pause to fast forward

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Pace TDS470N Sky+ 80GB Digibox Features

  • SKY+ PVR3 with 160Gb Hard drive with 80GB usable
  • RF Input - Twin IF inputs to connect to dual LNB at dish
  • Pause live TV - Pause a live programme
  • Dolby AC-3 Downmix (Digital Optical Audio Output).
  • VCR A/V SCART - VCR Scart for connection to Video Recorder


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