Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015

Technomate TM 500 Super Linux

Designed for the enthusiast, the TM-500 Super runs an open source Linux firmware which Third Party Developers can develop upon making available a plethora of applications, plug-ins, channel lists...and more. With the piano black finish TM-500 Super, we have developed a web interface program from which you can stream to your PC via the Ethernet port, control your TM-500 Super from your PC, FTP files across, send messages to your TV screen, see what's available with the 7-day EPG guide...and more. Even though the TM-500 Super is aggressively priced for its feature-set, we have designed it has a high-end satellite receiver with high quality components and features which many satellite receivers in this price range do not have. Thanks to its large flash memory, the TM-500 Super has an unlimited channel memory therefore you will never run out of space to store your TV & Radio channels. The satellite tuner's hardware is super sensitive to pick up weak signals and weak transponders and the software drivers have been configured to give you the most optimum signal. The TV Scart output is not your standard CVB-S, it's a high quality RGB output to give you vibrant and realistic TV pictures. Furthermore, we have gone one step further and developed quality unheard of in Scart outputs...Component YPbPr quality. With a Scart-Component cable, the best picture quality has become even better. This is as close as you can get to HD quality on a non-HD channel. To watch the same channel on another TV, there's an RF modulator at the rear of the satellite receiver, so you can watch all your channels in your bedroom (requires a cable to be connected from the RF modulator to the second TV).

This Technomate TM 500 Super Linux is a Refurbished model.

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This all is many consist of related to Technomate TM 500 Super Linux.

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Technomate TM 500 Super Linux Features

  • Open Source Linux.
  • 1x Smart Card Reader.
  • Unlimited Channel Memory.
  • RF Modulator.
  • Ethernet Port.


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