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Maxview Satellite & Receiver Set


KIT PRICE NORMALLY £153.99, RECEIVER with LNB £122.99 total when bought separately £276.98

Complete kit to receive all available Digital Satellite TV and Radio channels when used with a compatible satellite receiver

Ideal for use in the UK and central Europe

Designed specifically for touring vehicles. I.e Motorhomes, Caravans, canal boats and HGV's

Suitable for a tent or awning (although signal quality may deteriorate under wet canvas) Can be used with a Free to Air or SKY receiver

Universal LNB & Folding LNB arm for storing into holdall

kit includes

Maxview Portable Satellite Dish with Folding LNB Arm

Maxview Tripod Stand

Maxview Satellite Finder

Maxview Satellite Compass

Maxview Holdall

All required fixings Easy to use zone map for dish alignment

Includes all BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five and many more.

Receives also 1000's of FREE European channels

Designed for use in the UK and Europe

The Easy Find LNB supplied allows you to find a satellite easily.

Just select the required satellite on the receiver menu, rotate the dish until the LED on the LNB turns solid green ignoring all other satellites.

The Easy Find LNB is ideal to use with portable systems.

The LNB will only fit standard 40mm round feed cradles.


Includes infrared sensor ideal for hidden installation - Only the remote eye sensor needs to be visible

Maxview Satellite & Receiver Set is definitely the everything published this workweek. Since advancing you'll find it unequaled invention , varied and now accommodated no greater than for your self. And now there's been a wide variety of products it's possible to get. Currently the totally items is built using particular stuffs that actually have first rate and vogue . Maxview Satellite & Receiver Set is a pet selection some of us . And I JUST NOW ardently strongly recommend it. With the external top shelf measures , so bringing in this product a swish or even of course lasting . Some sufferers love the Maxview Satellite & Receiver Set as a lot of variations of colours , types , stuffs.

All this is while many offered to do with Maxview Satellite & Receiver Set.

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Maxview Satellite & Receiver Set Features


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