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Strong SRT 5303 Zapper Set-top Box

Output Mode:Stereo, Digital Audio Format:Dolby Digital output, Timer:Sleep, Connector Type:2 x SCART ( 21 PIN SCART ) - rear ¦ SPDIF output ( RCA phono ) - rear ¦ RF input ( IEC connector ) - rear ¦ USB 2.0 ( 4 PIN USB Type A ) - front ¦ RF output ( IEC connector ) - rear, Supported Digital Video Standards:MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Supported Digital Audio Standards:WMA, MP3, Device Type:Digital player / recorder, Features:JPEG photo playback, USB flash drive playback, Included Accessories:Remote control, Power Consumption Operational:4 Watt, Voltage Required:( 50/60 Hz ), Type:Internal, Technology:Infrared, Type:Remote control, Supported Video Resolutions:720 x 576, A/V System Recommended Use:Home, Parental Lock:Yes, Features:Digital radio access, PVR ready (via USB), Type:Digital tuner

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Strong SRT 5303 Zapper Set-top Box Features

  • Weight:360 g
  • Width:16.8 cm
  • Depth:10.5 cm
  • Product Type:DVB digital TV tuner / digital player (recorder)
  • Height:4 cm


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