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VBox Home TV Gateway XTi 3342

Liberate your TV from its box. Watch your favorite channels on any device whenever you want. Be free!

TV Gateway connects your free-to-air TV service to your home network and streams live TV to any networked device - wirelessly if you're on WiFi. But that's not all it does. TV Gateway also merges live TV with on-demand video from the Internet, creating the ultimate viewing experience.

The DVB stream is recorded unaltered to give you the full video quality as encoded by the broadcaster. The TV Gateway supports, Standard and HD TV, 3D TV, surround sound and multilingual programming.

Package content- VBox TV Gateway device - XTI 3342- Quick install guide- Power adapter: 5V DC/6A- DC cord- Ethernet Cable

Connections: 1x RF input for 2x DVB-T/T2 tuners, 1x RJ-45 network output, 1x USB for External storage to record TV programs

System requirements

Wireless broadband router-N or higher

Compatible Viewing Devices:- Smart TV / Set-top Box / PC / laptop / Mac® / Gaming Console / Media Streamer- Apple® IOS 5 or higher: iPad 2® or higher, iPhone® 4 or higher- Android® OS 4 or higher with minimum of 1.2 dual core CPU and 1Ghz RAM

Not Included - Additional Required Equipment for XTi 3342- Antenna for DVB-T/T2

Discreet installation: Place the TV Gateway out-of-sight near your incoming TV source feeds and connect it to your home network router/switch.

Download: VBox free iOS and Android applications to watch TV on your favorite tablet or smartphone.

Setup: Connect the TV Gateway to your TV feed and to your network router, run the web setup from your PC or Tablet

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VBox Home TV Gateway XTi 3342 Features

  • DVB-to-IP TV Gateway converting Freeview TV to home network IP
  • View your favorite Freeview and Radio programs on your iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Smartphone, Media Streamer, Game console, PC, Mac, Smart TV and more
  • Watch and record up to 2 different channels simultaneously. Record to an attach a USB Flash Drive, external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or a network NAS (SMB/CIFS).
  • Supports DVB-T/T2, digital EPG, UPnP, both Standard and HD TV
  • For installation and compatibility information see "the more product details" below


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